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JWF eReader-6000 Black and White Version – Colour Touchscreen eReader

The JWF eReader-6000 is available in both black and white from our webstore.

The eReader-6000 is a full colour touchscreen eReader that is capable of playing back all types of multimedia as well as reading your favourite books. It also features text-to-speech for those who would rather listen to a book than read it.

For more information, search for ‘JWF eReader-6000’.


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The Affordable UK Touch Screen eReader

JWF eReader-6000 UK

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You can get ebooks for the eReader from online ebook stores, or from a disc where ebooks are pre-loaded (these discs can be found on sites such as eBay).

The best format ebooks for the 4000 include EPUB and TXT (both non-DRM).

Great places to download ebooks are:
And more!

Some sites, such as Waterstones, have a DRM lock on their EPUB ebooks. To remove this DRM lock after purchasing the ebook, please read the ‘Download DRM ePub eBooks’ post on this blog. The easiest way is to ensure you buy NON-DRM ebooks.


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Photo From a JWF eReader-4000 User

We’ve been sent a photo by a JWF eReader-4000 user showing us her latest read – ‘ The Unremarkable Heart’ by Karin Slaughter.

The user loves to curl up in the evenings and read with the JWF eReader-4000 thanks to the gorgeous 7″ bright colour screen. We love that too!

Thanks again for sending in your photo. Everyone is welcome to send in a photo of their latest read to jwfselling@hotmail.co.uk and we can feature it on this blog, or our Facebook page! Get sending!

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JWF eReader-4000

The JWF eReader-4000 is the first of the JWF eReaders range. It’s simple to use, affordable, and versatile!

It supports most popular eBook formats, including epub, txt, fb2 and more. The in-book menu allows fonts to be changed, bookmarks added, various reading modes, and even text-to-speech (on txt format).

The JWF eReader-4000 packs a whole range of multimedia capabilities too – with it’s large 4GB internal memory (expandable via microSD) it can store thousands of ebooks, photos, videos, music tracks and more! All can be viewed on an anti-glare matte LCD screen with brightness options so the reading and viewing experience is optimised for your surroundings.

So many opportunities on just one device. All for £55.49 RRP.

Available now @ jwfselling.com

Search: JWF eReader

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