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JWF eReader-6000 Black and White Version – Colour Touchscreen eReader

The JWF eReader-6000 is available in both black and white from our webstore.

The eReader-6000 is a full colour touchscreen eReader that is capable of playing back all types of multimedia as well as reading your favourite books. It also features text-to-speech for those who would rather listen to a book than read it.

For more information, search for ‘JWF eReader-6000’.


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You can get ebooks for the eReader from online ebook stores, or from a disc where ebooks are pre-loaded (these discs can be found on sites such as eBay).

The best format ebooks for the 4000 include EPUB and TXT (both non-DRM).

Great places to download ebooks are:
And more!

Some sites, such as Waterstones, have a DRM lock on their EPUB ebooks. To remove this DRM lock after purchasing the ebook, please read the ‘Download DRM ePub eBooks’ post on this blog. The easiest way is to ensure you buy NON-DRM ebooks.


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Download DRM ePub eBooks

Certain ebook stores such as Waterstones, sell ePub format ebooks with a DRM protection on them.

These can still be read on the JWF eReader device using Adobe Digital Editions.

The way to do so is as follows:

1. Download your ePub ebook from Waterstones, or other stores that sell ePub ebooks with a DRM protection.

2. Open Adobe Digital Editions and add the ebook to your bookshelf.

3. Download ePUBee at epubee.com

4. Open ePUBee.

5. Click ‘unDRM Directory’ whilst Adobe Digital Editions is still open.

6. You will get a duplicate of the original ebook in your Digital Editions bookshelf – but will have a number such as ‘001’ after the ebook name.

7. Transfer to your JWF eReader device.

8. That’s how to add DRM ePub ebooks on your device via Adobe Digital Editions. Finished!

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