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JWF eReader-6000 Black and White Version – Colour Touchscreen eReader

The JWF eReader-6000 is available in both black and white from our webstore.

The eReader-6000 is a full colour touchscreen eReader that is capable of playing back all types of multimedia as well as reading your favourite books. It also features text-to-speech for those who would rather listen to a book than read it.

For more information, search for ‘JWF eReader-6000’.


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100th Blog Post! 10% Off eReaders

To celebrate our 100th Blog post here at jwfereaders.wordpress.com, we are offering 10% off of all products in the ‘JWF eReaders’ category on our website!

This offer ends this Sunday so be quick!

To get 10% off your order, use voucher code EREADER10 at checkout. 

Take a look at the products on offer here.

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There is a 10% SALE now on at JWFSelling.com! It is for one day only and ends tonight at midnight!

JWFSelling Sale

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eReading – From Word of Mouth to eBooks and eReaders

eReading is a logical progression of how stories are told and shared.

Before technology, stories were told via word of mouth. Tales would spread within communities, and then to others, causing them to differ and diversify – becoming more complex and interesting every time the tale was told.

The next step was written stories. Handwritten to be exact. This allowed stories to become accurately documented, but still were not mass produced.

When the printing press came along, stories could be printed – allowing greater production of stories and books, and it was much easier for stories to be shared and read by the public.

Printing has come a long way since the introduction of the printing press, but has the physical book met it’s match?

eBooks are now very popular, and devices such as eReaders can make the reading experience fun and personal. With the ability to change fonts, text sizes, have a whole library of books in one device – the eReader is a true progression.

The progression of the eReader is one to watch. New technology will be released, and more and more features will be available on eReaders. We, at JWF Consumer Electronics, will be bringing you eReaders with the latest technology in our JWF eReaders range. What is important is that we will bring this technology at the most affordable prices. Take our JWF eReader-6000 for example – you can store thousands of eBooks in a variety of formats, view photos, listen to music, watch movies and even play games! All this for under £60! We call our JWF eReader-6000 the ultimate device for travelling, and general day to day use. Have you got yours yet?

So – don’t miss out, and get an eReader today at JWFSelling.com.

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New Design JWF eReader-6000

Introducing the newly designed JWF eReader-6000 – now with metallic silver buttons.

The NEW JWF eReader-6000 is available NOW at JWFSelling.com


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UK eBook Reader – JWF eReader-6000

Looking for a UK eBook Reader? Look no further than the JWF eReader-6000 available at JWFSelling.com!

It also supports various European languages!

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JWF eReader-6000 On Sale! Short Time Only

The touch screen colour eReader – JWF eReader-6000 is now on sale for a short time only!

Take a look at the offer now and get it while you can!

JWF eReader-6000 Sale

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JWF eReader-6000 Features, Menus and More

Here are some quick snaps of the JWF eReader-6000 in action.

From in-book menus, to font sizes, to reading backgrounds and home screen wallpapers…

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A Quick Look At The JWF eReader-6000 (Video)

A quick look at the JWF eReader-6000. Available at http://jwfselling.com.

Please note, this video is a quick demonstration so apologies for video quality.

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