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At, we stock more than just eReaders! Take a look at some of our great products!

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Choose JWF eReader-6000 For Christmas

Christmas is on it’s way!

It’s now less than 2 months until Christmas, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts! This year, treat a loved one to a JWF eReader-6000. Available in white and black, the eReader-6000 boasts 4GB of internal memory, and even has a memory card slot for you to expand it even more! That means you can store and view thousands of photos, music, videos and, of course, eBooks!

The eReader-6000 has a 7″ colour LED display, which is also backlit making it ideal for night time reading, or reading indoors where light is a bit low. The backlit display can be adjusted thanks to an array of brightness settings.

The JWF eReader-6000 is also fully touch screen – which is ideal for ease of access, or even for children who can learn to interact with their favourite eBooks!

Do you prefer audiobooks? No problem! The JWF eReader-6000 allows you to upload mp3 and other audio files so that you can playback audiobooks, or even just your music playlist! You can listen via the built-in speaker or plug in some 3.5mm headphones (included in the box).

Take a look today at the JWF eReader-6000 available here:

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Competition Winners

Now is the time to check your email to see if you have won! We have emailed both winners! 

If you didn’t win this time, stay subscribed to our newsletter because that will ensure instant entry to all of our future competitions! Good luck and thanks for taking part! 

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