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JWF eReader-6000

Here is a first look at the JWF eReader-6000.

This 7″ colour eReader uses a new and improved ultra-sensitive touch screen to make navigating and reading ebooks easy. The adjustable backlight makes the eReader-6000 perfect for reading in any environment. The 6000 even has a ¬†built in stylus – allowing you to make in book notes!

The eReader-6000 has internal memory of 4GB, which is enough for over 2000 ebooks, or plenty of movies, music and photos. The memory can be expanded via a micro SD card (by up to 16GB).

The JWF eReader-6000 boasts a 4000mAh battery, allowing up to 12 hours of constant reading, and up to 18 hours of audio playback, so it is perfect for long journeys, holidays, and just around the house.

JWF eReader-6000

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JWF eReader-6000 Revealed Tomorrow

The brand new JWF eReader-6000 will be revealed tomorrow. The 6000 is affordable and versatile, and will be available to order worldwide on Monday 3rd at, or search ‘JWF’ on eBay.

For more news, follow this blog, or check back tomorrow for the reveal.

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