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Halloween Deals Last Chance!

It’s your last chance to get big discounts on products at!

Halloween deals end on Friday 2nd November 2012.

Order now and don’t miss out on great technology at affordable sale prices!

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Order Process / Checkout Simplified at

The order process at has now been made even simpler!

You can now checkout as a Guest, without the need to register! This saves time and lets you make your order quickly and easily.

The checkout is now all one one page! With everything in front of you, checking out and completing your order at couldn’t be easier!

Take a look now at


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Halloween Deals At

Halloween deals begin this weekend at  from tablets to eReaders and more!


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JWF eReader-4000 Review

This is a quote from the JWF eReader-4000 review at eReader Reviews UK.

Reading on this device is easy. Open the book and you’re away. You can choose different options whilst reading, such as bookmarks, fonts, font size and so on. There’s also a night mode, which basically makes the background black and the text white, so it isn’t too bright when you read at night. On that note – a major benefit to this device is the backlit screen. It’s an LCD, but is matte so doesn’t get glare in sunlight. The best thing is being able to read in low light – which is actually why I got one, but have found myself using it more often than just at night.

Another benefit of the LCD screen is that PDFs are easy to view, and colour ebooks are too. So that’s good. The bad thing is that because of the LCD, the battery lasts less than a Kindle, but you can still get a good 10-15 hours out of it reading books. You might get even more if you have the brightness very dim.



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Will you be buying an eReader this year?

Choose JWF eReaders.

The Rise of eReading: Are Books Going to Become an Endangered Species?
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There are many places online to download DRM free ebooks. JWF eReaders’ are associated with eXtasy Books, who make downloading ebooks hassle free.

For adult ebooks, visit:

eXtasy Books

For everything else, visit:

Devine Destinies

*Please note: For your JWF eReader, the best format is ePub.



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JWF Elite+ 9″ Tablet – First Look

A first look at the JWF Elite+ 9″ tablet from the JWF Elite tablet range.

This device runs Android 4.0.4 ICS and uses an ARM 1GHZ CPU making operating this device smooth and easy for everyday use.

Note: These photos are just quick snaps from our office, official product photos will be released at a later date.



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JWF Elite+ and XL Tablets Announced

Today, JWF Consumer Electronics have announced that they will be adding two new tablet PCs to their ‘Elite’ tablet range. The first in the series, and already available, is the JWF Elite 7″ tablet, which is great for everyday usage at home or on the go with its pocket-sized design. 

The first new addition to the JWF Elite range is the JWF Elite+. This tablet allows users to access all their favourite apps and features on Android 4.0, but has a 9″ screen – making multimedia, note taking, presentations, reading and so on much easier. This device is still easily transportable, due to it’s thin design and sturdy structure, and can easily be taken to work or trips in your bag.

The next addition, set to be released after the Elite+, is the JWF EliteXL. This tablet has a super fast CPU and incredible 10.1″ display, at 1024×600. This device makes multitasking, multimedia playback, video conferencing and so on incredibly easy and practical. Again, the design is sleek and thin, so taking this device with you to the office is not an issue.

Follow this blog or our social networking pages to hear more news about the JWF Elite tablet series.


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