JWF eReader-4000 Review

This quote has been taken from a review written at www.ereader-reviews.org

“It is an entry-level ereader so, it’s good for beginners who aren’t tech savvy and need something easy to use. Because of the large colored screen, it’s easy to see and read from a distance… so you get huge text without being so close to it. There’s buttons on the ereader so there isn’t much of a difficulty for someone to have to touch the screen so often.”

“There are many websites to download free eBooks whether magazines or chapter books. If you want to make life easier you can pay a small fee to download your book. It’s much easier than carrying a 10 pound textbook when you can carry a 2.5 ereader on the go.”

“… the possibilities are endless… “

“Your storage can be expandable with the (micro) SD card slot that goes to 16GB, which can store thousands of your favorite reads with (up to) 15 hours on the battery of reading time. Overall the battery lasts 18 hours on a single charge. A lot of battery on the go is beneficial especially if you don’t have an electrical plug source. The long life of the battery makes it easy to do what you want on the go for long periods of time. It’s very relieving to not have to worry about your battery dying so quickly like some of the other ereaders.”

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