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Affordable eReading.


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JWF eReader-4000 Giveaway!!!

Enter this giveaway by clicking on the link below! The giveaway is securely hosted on Rafflecopter.

 >>>>>> a Rafflecopter giveaway <<<<<<

Click the above link to join the giveaway, and have a chance of winning a brand new JWF eReader-4000 and a case!

Follow the link for information on how to join the giveaway.

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ThePrizeFinder – UK Competitions


Please note: If you are not from the UK and you win the giveaway, the USB cable will be used for charging the device. If you are from the UK, and charger will be provided.

Only 1 winner will receive the eReader-4000 prize.

You will need a valid email address so we can contact you for delivery details if you win.

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JWF eReader-4000 One Week Sale!

A one week sale is running for the JWF eReader-4000.

Ends 31st July. Don’t Miss Out!

Click the link below

>>>>>> JWF eReader-4000 Sale One Week Only  <<<<<<




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Self-Published Authors…

Book publishers on the lookout for the next big thing!

Find out more at

In the meantime, if you want to promote your ebooks via our devices – contact

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Download DRM ePub eBooks

Certain ebook stores such as Waterstones, sell ePub format ebooks with a DRM protection on them.

These can still be read on the JWF eReader device using Adobe Digital Editions.

The way to do so is as follows:

1. Download your ePub ebook from Waterstones, or other stores that sell ePub ebooks with a DRM protection.

2. Open Adobe Digital Editions and add the ebook to your bookshelf.

3. Download ePUBee at

4. Open ePUBee.

5. Click ‘unDRM Directory’ whilst Adobe Digital Editions is still open.

6. You will get a duplicate of the original ebook in your Digital Editions bookshelf – but will have a number such as ‘001’ after the ebook name.

7. Transfer to your JWF eReader device.

8. That’s how to add DRM ePub ebooks on your device via Adobe Digital Editions. Finished!

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New JWF eReader-4000 Review at ‘eReader Reviews UK’

Check out a review of the JWF eReader-4000 using the link below:

JWF eReader-4000 Review  

Here is one of our favourite quotes from the review:

“The best thing is being able to read in low light – which is actually why I got one (JWF eReader-4000), but have found myself using it more often than just at night.”

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Authors Wanted!

At JWF eReaders, we are looking to collaborate with ebook authors for some exciting new promos. Contact us at for more info. All authors welcome!

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JWF eReaders Has Joined Twitter

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Photo From a JWF eReader-4000 User

We’ve been sent a photo by a JWF eReader-4000 user showing us her latest read – ‘ The Unremarkable Heart’ by Karin Slaughter.

The user loves to curl up in the evenings and read with the JWF eReader-4000 thanks to the gorgeous 7″ bright colour screen. We love that too!

Thanks again for sending in your photo. Everyone is welcome to send in a photo of their latest read to and we can feature it on this blog, or our Facebook page! Get sending!

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