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JWF eReaders Partner With Affordable eBook Distributor


JWF eReaders strike a deal with Ink-Slinger; the online affordable eBook distributor.

UK consumer electronics company JWF eReaders have struck a deal with Ink-Slinger; the online ebook distributor. The deal was finalised on June 15th 2012.

JWF eReaders stormed into the eReader market with their bestselling eReader – the JWF eReader-4000. They have since released an e-ink version, and are set to release a high spec Tablet PC that combines ease-of-use with incredible performance. The Tablet PC – named the JWF eReaderELITE – will also give users the most in-depth and intimate eReading experience yet.

The partnership allows users of JWF eReaders to easily obtain an array of eBooks for their devices, at affordable prices. With fiction, romance, adventure and many other genres of eBooks available from the click of a mouse, Ink-Slinger is a great choice for users to discover independent authors without breaking the bank.

The partnership does not prevent JWF eReader users from obtaining eBooks from other stores, but makes the process very easy and efficient.

For more information, visit:

‘JWF eReader’
‘JWF’ on eBay


Contact for all enquiries, including retail opportunities.

JWF eReaders is a brand of JWF Selling 


JWF eReader-4000 Available on eBay UK

After a delay in us receiving our latest shipment of the eReader-4000, all is back up and running on our eBay UK outlet.

Simply search ‘JWF’ on eBay to find our bestselling eReader, the JWF eReader-4000. Order now and receive within 3-4 working days!

Perfect for holidays, quick reading, multimedia whilst travelling, and of course – the obvious choice for a Father’s Day gift.

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