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Reading on the JWF Elite Tablet

The Aldiko eBook app from the Google Play Store on the JWF Elite Tablet.

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Games on the JWF Elite Tablet

Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja – an example of games on the JWF ELITE Tablet.

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JWF eReader-4000 Vs. Hardback Book

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JWF ELITE Tablet First Look Exclusive

Here are some quick snaps of the JWF ELITE Tablet. You’ve seen it here first!

When is the ELITE Tablet available?

Sooner than you think…


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JWF eReaderELITE Tablet

The JWF eReaderELITE Tablet PC price can now be announced.

This tablet utilizes a top-spec CPU that can handle processor intensive applications, games, and more.

Simple tasks such as reading, viewing videos and photos can all be accessed in an instant thanks to the super fast ARM Cortex A8 CPU.

Enjoy multimedia, web browsing, socialising, eReading, video calling and downloading thousand of apps with the JWF eReaderELITE Tablet, all on the latest Android software version (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3).

All for £94.99.

Release date TBC.

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JWF eReaders Sale! One Week Only!

We are holding a one week sale on eBay for our JWF eReaderPRO!

Search ‘JWF eReader’ on eBay and get yours before they’re all gone!

Like our Facebook page too for upcoming news!

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