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JWF eReader-4000 Quick Start Guide Download

Here is the download for the JWF eReader-4000 Quick Start Guide.

You can open the link and view the PDF, or download it to keep in case you have misplaced the original.

Click here – eReader-4000 Guide

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JWF eReader-4000 Back In Stock Next Week

The JWF eReader-4000 sold out in days, so new stock is arriving next week!

The eReader-4000 will be available from the JWF eReaders online store,

The eReader-4000 boasts great eReading with multimedia capabilities!

Also included is a protective case, to ensure the safety of your eReader wherever you go.

Most of all, the JWF eReader-4000 is affordable!

Visit now, and ‘like’ us on Facebook (

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A Tablet For The Masses

You’ve heard it here first! Here at JWF eReaders we are proud to announce that we will be releasing a tablet in the very near future.

The tablet does run very high specifications, but our goal is to make this tablet easy to use for everyone.

From eReading, apps, games, web browsing and social networking; this tablet is a great all-rounder.

But what’s best about the tablet? The price. We cannot announce the price just yet, but it will be below £100.

And the name of this eReader-come-tablet? JWF eReaderELITE.

Reading. Browsing. Socialising.  All for below £100.



To view the Press Release, click here: Tablet Press Release

Like us on Facebook: JWF eReaders Facebook

Worldwide Release Tomorrow (Apr. 19th) and Price Drop!

To celebrate the release of the JWF eReaderPRO Worldwide tomorrow, the price will be slashed from £109 to just £89!

For a great eReader, with the ability to shop around for your books and increase storage, head over to

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JWF eReaders are looking to strike a deal with online ebook distributor Ink-Slinger; to allow JWF eReader users to quickly and cheaply obtain ebooks for their device.

The London, UK based eReader company, JWF eReaders, has recently stormed into the eReader market, providing affordable devices with a range of features. After the success of their first eReader – the JWF eReader-4000, they have released a product for more avid readers, whilst maintaining a range of features that made the product reach out to a wide demographic. The JWF eReaderPRO boasts incredible battery life, a 6inch e-ink screen, and a wide range of ebook compatibility. The PRO also allows music playback, games for passing time, and even image support.

JWF eReaders are now due to team up with an online ebook distributor – Ink-Slinger, to enable users of JWF devices to cheaply and efficiently download ebooks. Although users will still be able to shop around for ebooks, the ability to obtain ebooks that are suited to the JWF eReader device makes the process a whole lot easier. Ink-Slinger offers a range of ebooks, from adventure to fantasy, and the pricing is exceedingly competitive.

JWF eReaders will soon be available worldwide from their mail order site –, but should soon be in retailers around the EU. The availability of their products worldwide should deem to be incredibly beneficial, and the association with Ink-Slinger makes it that much easier for all users to access ebooks instantly.

This deal should be the start of something great between JWF eReaders and Ink-Slinger, and users may also feel the benefits – in terms of special deals and offers. To see what range of ebooks Ink-Slinger has to offer, head over to and have a browse.

JWF eReaders see the association with Ink-Slinger as something very positive – as users of their devices will feel confident in the sense that they will instantly know where to download ebooks from if they want something quickly and cheaply. JWF eReaders always take pride in their customer service, and feel that this just makes customers’ experiences easier.


http ://

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JWF eReaders

The JWF eReader-4000 is the first of the JWF eReaders range. It’s simple to use, affordable, and versatile!

It supports most popular eBook formats, including epub, txt, fb2 and more. The in-book menu allows fonts to be changed, bookmarks added, various reading modes, and even text-to-speech (on txt format).

The JWF eReader-4000 packs a whole range of multimedia capabilities too – with it’s large 4GB internal memory (expandable via microSD) it can store thousands of ebooks, photos, videos, music tracks and more! All can be viewed on an anti-glare matte LCD screen with brightness options so the reading and viewing experience is optimised for your surroundings.

So many opportunities on just one device. All for £55.49 RRP.

Available now @

Search: JWF eReader

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Documents on JWF eReaderPRO

Your JWF eReaderPRO can also read documents. Here are some photos of our physical Press Release, accompanied by the digital press release (.DOC format) on the eReaderPRO.

The full press release will be uploaded to this blog shortly. In the mean time, visit:


Fan Photo 1

On our blog we will start adding photos taken by users/fans of JWF eReaders. Email us @ to get yours published!

“Always time for a break with the JWF eReaderPRO.”


Support us on Facebook

With more and more recognition worldwide, it would be nice if all of our users ‘like’ our Facebook page – thus allowing us to keep up-to-date with you, your suggestions, and would be a great place for all to discuss your favourite ebooks that you have on your JWF eReader.

We have set up a Facebook page at (or click the ‘like’ button at the bottom of this page).

Stay in-the-know, hear about promotions and even get sneak peeks of future products. Believe us when we say you will be hearing a lot more about JWF in the future!

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