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JWF eReaderPRO Russia/Ukraine Cyrillic

We have just updated the firmware on the JWF eReaderPRO to fully support the Cyrillic text in various formats. The JWF eReaderPRO now supports Cyrillic ebooks in FB2, DOC, and PDF file types.

This makes reading so much easier, and allows you to shop around even more for your favourite ebooks.

See below for a video demonstration of Cyrillic on the eReaderPRO device.


eReaderPRO Available

The JWF eReaderPRO is available now at

Also, there are accessories to match the JWF eReaderPRO – such as the executive leather-style case, and the USB Wall Charger.

The JWF eReaderPRO may also be available soon at various distributors worldwide. JWF may also be teaming up with an online ebook provider soon – follow to hear more.


JWF eReaderPRO Russia Release

JWF eReaderPRO Russia Release

The JWF eReaderPRO will be released for sale to Russia on the 19th April 2012. It will be available for order via the JWF eReader web store –

The eReaderPRO features a full Russian language selection menu, and fully supports the Russian language FB2, DOC, PDF ebooks – which can clearly be displayed on the eReaderPRO’s 6inch e-ink screen.

With a battery that lasts for weeks, the eReaderPRO is a great choice for those who love to read on the go. With an easy-to-use interface, and file transfer via USB or SD card (supports up to 8GB), loading ebooks onto the device couldn’t be simpler. Choosing your ebooks is simple – just find your ebook from an ebook retailer online on your PC or Mac, and transfer them onto the device via ‘drag and drop’. But what makes this process easier, is the wide support of ebook formats; including epub, txt, doc, fb2, pdf, pdb – and even images (jpg, bmp, gif, png) and music (mp3).

Russian Cyrillic ebooks can only be viewed in FB2, DOC, PDF format. There is a full Russian Cyrillic menu on the device.

The eReaderPRO is simple, but effective. The design is elegant, yet durable. The JWF eReaderPRO really is always by your side.

The JWF eReaderPRO will be available in Russia via the JWF eReader web store (, and will cost around 5,030 RUB (not including postage + packaging).

Find JWF eReaders here:


JWF eReaderPRO Worldwide Release

The JWF eReaderPRO will be released in other parts of the world in April.

So far confirmed, the eReaderPRO will be available for purchase in the EU, US, Canada and Russia, with more to be confirmed.

The eReaderPRO is released March 20th in the UK.

The eReaderPRO will be available from the JWF webstore –

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