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eReaderPRO March Release

The JWF eReaderPRO will be available from the 20th March 2012.

It will primarily be available on and also Amazon UK.

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A full video demonstration of the eReaderPRO will soon be released.

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JWF eReaderPRO Release Date

The JWF eReaderPRO release date has been confirmed for a date in March.

Once all is confirmed, you will find the exact release date here exclusively. The eReaderPRO will primarily be available on Amazon UK, and at a later date in stores near you.


JWF eReaderPRO – Reviewed

The JWF eReaderPRO was rated 8.0/10 by ReviewseBookReaders. We are very pleased with this rating for our first ever e-ink eReader!

Will you be getting a JWF eReaderPRO when released?

(Release date T.B.C)


What can I do with my JWF eReader-4000?

There are so many possibilities with the JWF eReader-4000.

Of course – you can read your ebooks in an array of formats, with many options to enhance your reading and make it most comfortable to you. But what else can you do with a JWF eReader-4000?….

Store and View Photos –
The large 4GB internal memory allows you to store thousands of your photos, from holiday snaps to corporate images, the eReader-4000 can handle it.

Watch Movies and Shows –
You can store lots of movies, music videos, television shows and more, all to be played back in glorious high resolution on a crisp 7″ screen.

Store thousands of songs, albums and playlists, to playback via headphones or the internal speaker. Music playback can last for up to 18 hours on a single charge, so you won’t have to worry about battery life half way through your favourite album.

Applications –
The calendar and calculator functions make this eReader great to travel with, and the keypad optimises usability.

Games –
There is even a game on the eReader-4000, to keep you occupied when you get a little bored.

Radio –
An in-built radio with playback through headphones or the internal speaker makes the eReader-4000 an incredible device to travel with.

There are more great features on the JWF eReader-4000 – see for yourself! Buy it now on our eBay store, or on Amazon UK.

Simply search ‘JWF eReader-4000’ .


JWF eReaderPRO

Our latest product – the JWF eReaderPRO – is soon to be here!

With an incredibly thin and user friendly frame, soft rubber touch, and high resolution 6″ e-ink screen – this is a great eReader to have.

With expandable memory it allows thousands of ebooks to be stored, and even features games such as Sudoku for those days on the beach when you fancy a break from reading. But don’t get too worried about battery life! The high capacity battery will leave the JWF eReaderPRO working for weeks! Simply charge via USB, or plug into a USB travel wall plug.

We can’t give too much away – but be sure to stick around to see an exclusive demo video soon to be uploaded here on the official JWF eReaders Blog!

The JWF eReaderPRO will be available on Amazon, scheduled for release on Feb 25th.

Tech Specs:
6″ e-ink 16 level gray scale display (800×600 resolution)
180g in weight
10mm thick
128mb built-in memory (with SD card slot to support up to 8gb – an SD card may be part of a bundle package with the eReaderPRO)
Charges through Micro USB (via PC or USB wall charger (UK charger included))
eBook support: PDF,TXT,EPUB,FB2 and more
Image support: Most formats
Audio support: Most formats
A soft-touch rubber outer coating – making the eReaderPRO both comfortable to hold and durable
A 4-way D-pad with central select button
5 physical function buttons
11 vertical buttons, allowing fast navigation through menus, chapters, and games (#0-9 and a ‘Trash’ button allowing file organisation on the device)
Headphone jack
A graphical menu for quick and easy navigation
Book cover preview on your reading list
Favourites list
In-book options including: bookmarks, font size, contents, jump to etc.
Games – including Sudoku and Othello with fast navigation and use of number keys
Applications – including Calculator and Calendar

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JWF eReader-4000

The JWF eReader-4000 is the first of the JWF eReaders range. It’s simple to use, affordable, and versatile!

It supports most popular eBook formats, including epub, txt, fb2 and more. The in-book menu allows fonts to be changed, bookmarks added, various reading modes, and even text-to-speech (on txt format).

The JWF eReader-4000 packs a whole range of multimedia capabilities too – with it’s large 4GB internal memory (expandable via microSD) it can store thousands of ebooks, photos, videos, music tracks and more! All can be viewed on an anti-glare matte LCD screen with brightness options so the reading and viewing experience is optimised for your surroundings.

So many opportunities on just one device. All for £55.49 RRP.

Available now @

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